Does your business become inundated with keys?
Is trying to organize them all a nightmare?
We have the solution for you... Disposable key tags!

Our vinyl disposable key tags are available in a variety of colours, so you can easily sort them into specific groups if needed.

They can be easily thread through any type of key, removing the need for metal rings.  And with self-locking features, they will stay securely in place until you decide to remove them.

Each pack of keytags comes in a sealable storage box, so they can be kept securely together. 

Also, each pack has a free permanent marker pen which we recommend that you use - however, details can be also be written on each disposable key tag with a pencil or pen and won’t smudge, so text  will remain legible over time.

Whether you have a car service company, a bicycle store or just several keys at home that need organizing, our disposable key tags may be just what you need!

 Available in packs of 1000 tags.